A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

Pixelmash is our resolution-independent Mac/PC software for creating pixel art from photos, sketches, or by painting from scratch in high resolution. Import a photo or sketch, create layers, paint and erase as needed, then adjust the resolution and pixel art effects until you get exactly the look you want. Paint pixel-by-pixel touch-ups or use layer transforms for easy adjustments. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can turn a mundane object into bright, iconic video game art!

See the neat stuff in the latest release here.

We've made Pixelmash available for free in beta form so we can get feedback as we develop it, but we also want to judge overall interest in the project and how much time and resources to devote to it. If you enjoy the beta as it is now and would like to see it developed further, please consider jumping in and purchasing an as-is pre-release license.


Install_Pixelmash_Mac_Beta_4.dmg (10 MB)
Install_Pixelmash_Windows_Beta_4.zip (10 MB)

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