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Pixelmash - Resolution-Independent Pixel Art

A new intuitive way to easily create animated pixel art. · By Nevercenter


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Huge New Pixelmash 1.1 Update Released (Plus New Walkthrough Video)!
This is a gigantic update to Pixelmash, and it's ready for you now! Some of the new features in Pixelmash 1.1 include: Completely rewritten keyframe-based anima...
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Gigantic Update! Pixelmash v1.1 Beta is LIVE!
You can now try out the new Pixelmash 1.1 Beta, including MAJOR new animation features (keyframing, per-frame images, preview window, more)! Grab the beta downl...
New video showing more features coming in Pixelmash 1.1.00
Check out another YouTube video we made showing more features coming in Pixelmash 1.1.00. Hopefully this will be ready to release within a couple of weeks!
Huge New Animation Features Coming In Next Update (Vid)!
Pixelmash has some huge new animation features coming in the next update! This update, coming soon, includes a major rewrite of the animation system to allow fo...
Pixelmash 1.0.20 released - major new features including support for custom pivots/character rigging!
Hi everyone, we've just set live a new update to Pixelmash (version 1.0.20) that includes some very powerful new features that people have requested. Custom lay...
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Pixelmash 1.0.11 Released - Big New Features!
Hi Everyone, we've released an update to Pixelmash that adds a lot of the features people have been requesting since it's release! Included are: • Added Penci...
Pixelmash has reached its first full public release - version 1.0.01! Many new features!
Hello all, Pixelmash has reached version 1.0, its first full release version! We've added a ton of stuff in the past few months, check out the list below. Chec...
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Beta 7!
Pixelmash Beta 7 is now available! This is a HUGE update from Beta 6, and we are very excited for you to try it out! See it in action in this latest Pixelmash v...
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